“The danger of expecting nothing is that, in the end, it might be all we’ll get.”

― Dan Ariely, co-founder & Chief Behavioural Officer


In the US 30% of the population are considered overweight, and if we don’t create a shift – in our homes, our workplaces, and our communities – this issue will only get worse.

You know what you need to do, but how to do it is where we come in!

We partner with over 300 large employers and HMO’s, both US-based and globally.

Join happy employers, coaches and partners that are already loving Shapa!

Shapa Health delivers sustainable engagement and behavior change through data, machine-learning, health communications, and hardware.

Save Money

Having a healthy lifestyle is actually less expensive than having an unhealthy one!

Providing pizza days versus healthy solutions may feel more efficient, but less sick days, leave of absences due to injury and the general speed of work completion all plays in to how healthy your team is – time to start looking at the long term finances.

Create Engagement

We all know what to do. The morning routine and daily eating habits aren’t based on the fact that we don’t think fitness and nutrition are important, but rather it’s about finding the time.

Shapa Health’s numberless scale and app kick start your day with a healthy habit reminder and the engagement rate is unmatched!

Increase Efficiency

How efficient were you today? How about your team? Did you clients follow their programs? Is there progress happening?

Remove the guessing game with Shapa Health’s admin portal you can keep track of progress and ensure you are getting the right reminders at the right time to keep mindful of your health, while improving efficiency of the workplace.

Create the Shapa Health experience that works best for you!

With a customizable application and additional features available – this solution is perfect for employers, health insurance, coaches and weigh loss programs alike.


Daily Challenges

Follow along with daily challenges that focus on different areas of your life. The Shapa app will adjust to your preferences to keep you working on nutrition, mindfulness or fitness. Try out some meditation, take a mindful moment before eating, walk an extra 6000 steps. What challenges will be your favorite?


Blood Pressure

Try out our latest addition to the Shapa hardware, the blood pressure cuff. Shapa wants to get a well rounded observation of your health and blood pressure can help to ensure that. Track everything in one app and take control of your health.


Weight Management

Weight Management is at the center point of Shapa. We are focused on healthy, true, lifestyle changes - not the quick fixes! With Shapa's one of a kind numberless scale you can keep focused on whether you're gaining or losing weight and can adjust your activities accordingly.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Everything we put in our bodies affect our mental health, and staying on top of our health can greatly affect our management of such. With mindful missions, a focus on self care, reduction of anxiety and positive reinforcement we can create an environment where we can hold the reigns for improving our mental health.

Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention

Our program focuses on weight reduction, increasing in physical activity, stress reduction, and lifestyle behavior modification for mitigation of risk factors.

Ailment Management

Ailment Management

Our lifestyle behavior modification program focuses on supporting holistic changes in a member’s daily life resulting in weight reduction and improved glycemic control.

Engage and prevent costly medical events with our digital tools and platform

Shapa Health delivers sustainable engagement and behavior change through data, machine-learning, health communications, and hardware – all within one customizable ecosystem. Learn how we deliver improved outcomes for the unique needs of payers, health, life, and reinsurers.


Reduce healthcare costs through improved health outcomes
Achieve more engaged and healthier members
Personalize program and feedback for members based on their own health goals and chronic conditions


Reduce readmission rates and ED visits
Real time data and reporting for improved management and treatment of patients with chronic diseases


More engaged members who experience improved health outcomes
Create a connected digital presence with members in their health and daily life
Incentivize members based on engagement and improved health outcomes through sustainable behavior change

Configurable solutions to deliver digital health

The Shapa Health ecosystem builds digital tools that can be leveraged to build custom programs and solutions to meet your company’s objectives and initiatives for members.

We design custom in-app incentive structures founded in behavioral economics that drive sustained engagement for our insurtech partners
Goal setting and incentives are thoughtfully designed to reward engagement and progress, delivering increased member compliance and satisfaction
We empower our members to sustain or improve management of chronic conditions and reduce health risk factors