Easy Blood Pressure Monitoring


Home blood pressure monitoring and cardiovascular health management and behavior change program

Improve Screening for and management of hypertension

Gain a truer picture of an individual’s cardiovascular health and risk factors
Confidently screen cardiovascular risk factors by assessing for the clinical prevalence of subtypes of hypertension including white coat hypertension and masked hypertension.

Prevalence of subtypes of hypertension in individuals followed at outpatient centers:


White coat hypertension (WCH)


Masked hypertension (MH)

For Consumers and Insurance Providers

The Shapa BP numberless approach is ideal for screening for both masked hypertension and white coat hypertension by encouraging consistency with ambulatory or home monitoring blood pressure regimens.

The Shapa BP classic approach encourages continual monitoring and management of all subtypes of hypertension. It can aid in clinical decision making for appropriate medication management and fosters behavior change to improve one’s heart health.

Numberless BP Feedback

Shapa BP Classic Approach

Alerts For Critical Readings

Smart Connected Devices

Easily Identify Trends

Exportable Data Sharing

Easy Access To data

Easy-to-read graphs with the Shapa BP health management app allow individuals to look for correlations between activity, weight trends, and blood pressure. Individuals can also easily note diet and lifestyle habits on a daily and weekly basis that may be influencing blood pressure measurements.
Data can easily be shared from the Shapa BP health management app with providers. Providers can easily access the health data history and trends for individuals they are following through the Shapa Health portal.

Shapa BP allows for easy integration with the Shapa Health platform

Comprehensive reporting

Trend monitoring & customizable alerts

Plug-and-play solution

Support care teams

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