Why Shapa is your Solution

We know the weight loss journey can be hard. Here’s how are color-coded numberless scale & daily app are making it easier.

We are changing Weight Loss

We are more than just a scale – we are a holistic system for losing weight and tracking health.

Our system works by creating good habits that focus on more than just soley improving your fitness routine. We encompass everything from nutrition & diet to motivation & accountability. We believe ‘health’ is more than just how your body looks – it’s about how it functions, how it feels, and how you feel about it.

Our weight loss system utilizes the benefits of a scale while creating a positive relationship with food and activity.  You get the accountability of daily weigh ins paired with training for creating consistent habits that are needed for life long weight loss results – all without scale anxiety.

The scale for a happier, healthier, and fitter you.

How do we do it?

We start balancing your health by optimizing you lifestyle. Little by little, day by day our daily mission system will teach you how to better your diet, increase your nutrition, and optimize your fitness  – without increasing scale anxiety. So you can stay in a positive mind frame, keep your cortisol levels lower, and progress consistently for more optimal weight loss.

Let’s focus on what’s working, learn what’s not, and optimize our health together. 

Meet Dan Ariely

Who is Dan Ariely? Dan is our founder! And he helped create Shapa Health to better deliver sustainable weight loss through positive habit creating engagement! Watch our video below to learn more.


What is Shapa all about?

Health Systems


For many people, the scale is a dreaded enemy. Every morning, they step on it expecting to see the number go down, but all too often, the number goes up. This can lead to a feeling of anxiety and frustration that can sabotage weight-loss efforts.

There are a few reasons why scales can cause anxiety for those trying to lose weight. First, the scale is a tangible reminder of how much weight you have to lose. It’s easy to get discouraged when you see that number going up instead of down. Second, the scale can be misleading. It doesn’t take into account factors like muscle mass, and water weight, and hormone levels which can impact your weight. The scale doesn’t give you any insight into how your body is changing. It’s possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, but the scale won’t show that.

Our numberless scale reduces scale anxiety. Our algorithm will take factors into consideration and accurately display progress using the data you input and the scale reading. So you can focus on how you’re feeling and what positive changes you can keep making to improve your overall health.



The way we go about our day can have a profound impact on the quality of our lives. By taking on a daily mission, we can change our mindset and approach each day with purpose and intention.

A daily mission can be as simple as doing something nice for someone else, or it can be something more challenging like learning a new skill. Regardless of what your daily mission is, taking on this type of challenge can create a positive change in your life. It gives you something to focus on each day, helps you to develop new skills and talents, and can improve your mental and physical health.


Creating Habits

Shapa Health delivers consistency and accountability in your habits and goals.

If you want to change your life, it’s important to start with the small things. Consistency in the little things will be what creates lifelong permanent changes. We are the little things that we do every day in our lives. And if we want to change our lives, we have to be consistent with the changes we want to make.

To get you eating healthier, we start by making small changes to your diet. Instead of eating out for lunch every day, maybe the first step is packing a healthy lunch from home. This will save you money and help you eat healthier.

Mindful Eating


We encourage Mindful Eating as a way to become more aware of our relationship with food.

Mindful eating is about being present during meals and paying attention to the sights, smells, tastes and textures of food. It’s also about being aware of our hunger cues! Feeding ourselves when we are hungry, and listening to our bodies when we feel full.

The benefits of mindful eating include improved digestion, increased satisfaction with meals, reduced stress around food and improved body awareness.


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