Introducing Shapa Care.

A personalized health experience for setting good habits & achieving a more optimal you

Learn about our numberless scale & app for optimizing health & managing weight


What makes the Shapa Weight Loss System work.

Onboarding questionnaire

Start with a 66-question screening to assess your lifestyle, environment, and habits. Shapa utilizes this to provide customized missions that match your needs to set you up for success.

Weigh-in calibration

Go through 10 days of weigh-ins for Shapa to gather your current weight and start understanding the direction you are trending. On your 11th weigh-in with Shapa you will receive your first Shapa colors.

Shapa weigh-in colors

Shapa colors are designed to give you feedback based on the direction your weight is trending over the last 3-weeks (assuming you are weighing in daily as suggested). Green means there is no meaningful change. Teal indicates slight weight lost, while blue is very significant weight lost over this period. On the other side a light gray would indicate a slight gain, while a gray indicates a meaningful weight gain over this period.

What is my Shapa age?

Shapa age is designed to be a long-term view on your weight loss journey as a Shapa member. Your starting weight with Shapa is associated with your chronological age, but the closer your recent weight gets to your target weight the lower your Shapa age will go.

What are Missions?

Each member receives 2 daily missions designed to be simple actions that fit within their lifestyle to improve their health. Some missions are more short-term and last a couple of days, while others last a few weeks. Don’t like a mission? Let us know and we’ll provide a new one!

Understanding Mindful Eating

This tool provides members with a way to track their eating habits mindfully based on hunger and fullness levels when they eat. Members are encouraged to eat when they feel mildly hungry to hungry and stop eating when they are neutral to mildly full. The closer members are on average to this, the better their Shapa color feedback.

Should I want badges?

Absolutely! Members earn badges along the way of their Shapa journey for milestone accomplishments

Progress Review

This provides members with the opportunity to review their Shapa experience over the long term. You can choose from a few options for what you view and what is hidden.

Blood Pressure

Our Shapa blood pressure device allows a seamless and simple way to capture blood pressure and heart rate measurements from the comfort of your own home. We have the standard experience providing measurements as well as a color feedback experience allowing you to overcome white coat syndrome by showing blood pressure trends.  

Health Data

Shapa connects with apple health, google fit, polar, garmin, and many others to connect the dots of your wholistic health.

Breakdown of the Admin Portal

If you are using Shapa with your company, clients etc you can get access to an admin portal and will recieve customization options including (but not limited to) : 

  1. Shapa Data
    • Simple access to weight, body fat, blood pressure, and heart rate data captured by Shapa
  2. Data Imports
    • Shapa imports data from google fit, apple health, and many more devices allowing you to see the complete picture of your clients
  3. Group Overview
    • Our group overview allows you a snapshot of all your clients recent metrics and trends so you can quickly gather information and make timely changes to their plan
  4. Trends
    • Shapa provides trends on weight, steps, and mindful eating so you can get a detailed look at where clients are struggling and succeeding
  5. Missons
    • Admins can see recommended missions as well as generate customized missions for clients
  6. Alerts
    • Shapa provides you the ability to received alerts via email or text if a client exceeds customizable parameters around weight, blood pressure, or other health metrics.